Thursday, April 3, 2014

Twenty Four Years Ago!!!!!

It has been a long time since Desert Vista Dyeworks has a a site wide coupon code that everyone can use. Last year you helped me celebrate my birthday in July, but we are not going to wait until then to share some DVD love!

Join me in celebrating my oldest daughter Sarah's 24th birthday!

Beginning at midnight tonight (April 3rd) until midnight on April 4th Arizona time use the coupon code:
SARAH to receive 24% off all listings in the shop!


Please remember that all yarn is custom dyed individually and due to the nature of this sale-all orders placed on April 4th may have a delayed shipping date of more than two weeks from time of your order.

Share the love!!!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Mother Nature, Delivery Companies, and Well Made Plans...

Can you guess what this post is going to be about?

The effects of the winter weather in the midwest has found its way to the middle of the Sonoran Desert---(where I do have to say---the weather today is a glorious 75 degrees with a slight breeze! Perfection!!!!!)

Even with the well made plans that I constructed during the holidays-----Mother Nature and the Postal Delivery services have conspired to force winter delays at Desert Vista Dyeworks.  I will be sending emails this evening to everyone that this will effect.  If you do not receive an email from me-your order is still within the twwo week turn around time.

These winter delays has also caused the postponement of the release of the February Disco Colorways to the 23rd. 

I am in contact with my local Post Master as we continue tracking almost a dozen orders that have not reached their destinations. I am hopeful that these will all be cleared by the end of the week.

I will be out of town this upcoming three day weekend at a Volleyball Tournament and mini vacation. Since, I had to cancel our last vacation---we are really looking forward to this time as a family!
I will return all messages and emails on Tuesday, the 21st.

Thank you for choosing Desert Vista Dyeworks for your yarn purchases. I am so grateful to be able to dye for you!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

I say, Happy New Year because it is time to inspire our new colorways for 2014!

The inspiration for the 2014 Colorway Contest came from this picture by artist Michael Chavel:

With this quote by A.J. McLean:

Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life.

When I read this, I thought:

Color is life and I love my life.

Music, for me, is the soundtrack of my memories, special events and everyday life. Music can lift me up and bring me down, but it always inspires me. I see music in colors. Sometimes these colors are deep and rich and at other times they are muted and soft.

My preference in music is eclectic. A part of me is Classic Rock. Another part adores Classical. I love R&B, Blues, and all forms of Jazz. Soundtracks (Broadway or Movie/TV) can fill my mornings, while Jay-Z moves me through my afternoons. My playlist includes Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Dean Martin, Guns and Roses, The Beatles, Adele and Metallica.  I will listen to it all!

Most of my listening time is in the dye studio, so it is not surprising that Music and Color are inseparable in my life. 

The 2014 monthly Design the Colorway contest is:

The Color of Music

Each month we will listen to a different style/genre/category of music. Inspiration for colorways can come from any apsect of that type of music. These can be either concrete or abstract ideas.

January 2014 will will be listening to Jazz!

Put your headphones on and suggest some Jazz inspired colorway ideas for the month of January. Have lots of fun with it!

You have until December 10th to post your ideas in the Ravelry Group. We will pick the colorways and annoucne them on the 15th. Pre-Orders will begin on December 15th. All orders placed by December 30th will a receive a 5% discount.

I am going to ask a favor-I would like to limit the number of ideas posted by each member to three. Also, is someone has already posted a picture, please do not repeat it.

Chosen Colorways will win a skein of that yarn!

Happy Listening!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Around the World with Desert Vista Dyeworks 2013

Before we head down a new "path"of colorways for 2014, I wanted to do a little reminiscing about the "traveling" that we did in 2013.  

January - Russia



Russia in Winter-

Castles of Ice-

Russian Blue-

February - Italy



Mona Lisa-



March- Australia


Great Barrier Reef-

Ubirr Art-

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Sun Ripened Grapes-


Cherry Blossom Watercolor

Tiles of the Forbidden City


Chinese Dragon-


May - India


Danali Lights-

The ShopKeeper-

A Colorful Celebration-

June - Brazil


Shake Your Bon Bon-

Brazilian Pride-

Festa Junina-

July - USA

American Gothic-

Apple Pie-

Cowboy Sunset-

Old Glory-


August - Iceland

Glaciers in the Dark-



Icelandic Eyes-

Midnight Sun-

September - England

Cottage Garden-


Mary Poppins-

Crown Jewels-

London in a Bag-

Rainbow Grannies-

October - France-

Eiffel Tower at Night-

Lavender in Provence-

Monet, Impression, Sunrise-

Tournee du Chat Noir-

Le Pink Panther-

Laduree Macaroons-

November - Morroco

Morrocan Tea Cups-

Through the Archway-

Camels in the Desert-

Morrocan Tiles-

Spice Market-


December - Germany

Gummi Bears-

Black Forest Cake-

Berlin Cathedral-


Hamburg Philharmonic-

Father Christmas-

It was a really great year!  Thanks everyone for "traveling" with us in 2013!