Monday, May 18, 2015

Desert Vista Dyeworks' Summer Schedule

It  is going to be another busy Summer at Desert Vista Dyeworks!!!!!!! Come and join us for all the fun!!!!!

****With everything going on this Summer - the shipping schedule will need to be adjusted on a regular basis. This is always posted on the opening page of the online shop for your convenience!****

June 1st - June 30th - Halloween in June

All of our Desert Vista Dyeworks' Halloween and Fall Colorways will be available in the shop for the entire month of June! 

The first week of June - Collaboration with Suburban Stitcher and Vintage Rose

Make sure you are following these wonderful ladies for more information on our collaboration. (more information coming very soon!)

June 15th and every 15th through October - If They Kill Series

We will be adding a new colorway to this very popular yarn series.

June 25th - July 6th - Volleyball Tournament and Sand Diego Trip

Yay!!!! Taking vacation this year in San Diego! If you are in the area and want to hang out or have a knit group I can join let me know!  *The shop will be open during this time - but there will not be any dyeing or shipping until the 7th.

July 1st - July 31st - Winter Holidays in July

All of our Desert Vista Dyeworks' Christmas and Winter Holiday Colorways will be available in the shop for the entire month of July!

July 15th - July 20th - Super Summer Knit Together!

I will in Nashville for this event.  I made the decision earlier this month to not be a vendor, but I am still going to be attendance! I cannot wait to just go and take classes and spend time with friends!  *The shop will be open during this time - but there will not be any dyeing or shipping until the 21st.

August 1st - Valentines Day in August

All of our Desert Vista Dyeworks' Valentines Colorways will be available in the shop for the entire month of August.

I think that is all of the "Official" Announcements for the Summer, but make sure you follow Desert Vista Dyeworks on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Ravelry for any updates!


Friday, February 27, 2015

It's The End of Another Month...

And Boy, Oh Boy - This was a short one!  

Have you finished and posted your February "The Officially Unofficial DVD Monthly Sock Club" Socks? Make sure you get these posted by midnight on the 28th.

Monthly Finished Objects also need to be posted by midnight on the 28th.

The Following Colorways will be "retired" at the end of this month...

February Revisited Italy Colorways

Mona Lisa

February Revisited Disco Colorways

Soul Train
Roller Disco Rainbow
The Brady's
Disco Duck
Saturday Night Fever

February Revisited

Spring is Coming

Valentine Colorways

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries
Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries
Convo Me
Kiss Me @ Midnight

Zombody Colorways

Zombody It's Cold Outside
Zombody Loves Ewe

The Nineteen Ten's Colorways

Halley's Comet
Picasso's Anis del Mono
Knit Your Bit

Oh My! That is a lot of colorways!!!! Don't miss out!!!!

New March Colorways are being posted over the next 24 hours. New Zombody Colorways will be posted on the 1st and we even have a new KAL beginning on the 1st!!!!!

Stay Tuned!!!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Ton of Things Happening!!!!

Today I am posting a "Fair Warning" about a ton of things that are ending in the next couple of days!  I just don't want you to miss any of it!

First, the Just One More Row Zombody Colorway Contest has ended, but if you listen to their podcast there is a little extra "goodie" for you!  There is an expiration date on this little "goodie, so make sure you use it before midnight, February 7th.

Next on the list, The Husband's Birthday Discount Code that was include on all orders purchased on his birthday will also expire at midnight, January 31st.

The Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club for January is almost done!  Make sure you get your finished pair of socks posted in your original post by midnight, January 31st.

Our regular Finished Object Thread is packed with great FO's. Make sure yours is posted by the end of the month.

The following colorways will be retired at the end of the month:

January Revisited - 

Winter Pastels    
January's Garnet
NYC New Year's Celebration

Zombody Colorways

Zombody's Poppin' the Cork

Jazz Colorways

Hurley's Jazz Hands
Preservation Hall
Jazz Cafe
Time Out & Take Five

Russian Colorways

Russian Blue
Castle of Ice
Russia in Winter

Stay tuned on Saturday for some new things happening in the shop!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

2015 Colorways Series Contest!!!!!

I am so excited to announce the colorway series for 2015!  I have been playing around with four different ideas over the past couple of months and am happy to say that I am already loving the possibilities!

In 2015 we will be traveling back in time to the decades that shaped our culture through historical events, music, fashion and celebrities. 

The Decades of Color Series will begin with our January Colorways and the decade 1900-1909.  We will follow the past century with a new century every month.

January 1900-1909
February 1910-1919
March 1920-1929
April 1930-1939
May 1940-1949
June 1950-1959
July 1960-1969
August 1970-1979
September 1980-1989
October 1990-1999
November 2000-2009
December Your favorite piece of pop culture 

Each month we will study all the aspects of the chosen decade. Inspiration for colorways can come from just about anything! These can be either concrete or abstract ideas.

You have until the 10th of each month  to post your ideas in the Ravelry Group. We will pick the colorways and announce them on the 18th. Pre-Orders will begin on 18th. All orders placed by the end of that month will a receive a 5% discount.

**I am going to ask a favor-I would like to limit the number of ideas posted by each member to three. Also, is someone has already posted a picture that correlates to a specific group, person or song-please do not repeat it.**

Chosen Colorways will win a skein of that yarn!

Big Hugs!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Working the Way Back to Normal!!!!!

In my wildest dreams i could not begin to imagine a month and a half as crazy as this past 44 days have been! Thank you doesn't seem to be enough, but THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to returning to a sense of normalcy, both in the studio and at home.  

High School Volleyball is gearing down and Club Volleyball will not be starting for a few weeks. Love Volleyball,but there is a ton of traveling and time away from home and the studio.

Orders should return to our regular two week or less turn around time (depending on order load) and regular updates shoudl return.

Speaking of updates, The Friends and Family Update is postponed until Sunday, October 25th. The November Revisited Colorways are posted in the shop with the usual 5% discount until the end of the month.

Previous Winter Holiday Colorways are also posted in the shop. There will be a few new colorways for the Holiday Season debuting November 1st.

Again, thank you for all of your support!!!!!


Monday, June 9, 2014


The schedule for Desert Vista Dyeworks this Summer will be quite busy.  The Online Shop will remain open the entire Summer, but the studio will close from June 24th through July 21st. We wanted everyone to know what will be happening throughout the months of June and July.

June 2014-

We are: 
           Prepping and dyeing for SSK 2104 in July.
           Dyeing orders at our normal two week turn around rate through 15th.
           Orders placed between June 16th and June 23rd may be expedited (depending on volume of      orders-you will be contacted if this time frame changes) and shipped by June 30th.
           Orders placed between June 24th and June 30th will be dyed and shipped after the studio re-opens July 22nd.

July 2014-

We are:
           We are on vacation and will be traveling in California July 2nd-July 14th.
           We are heading to Nashville and SSK 2014 July 16th and will return July 21st.
           The studio will reopen on July 22nd.

All orders placed between June 24th and July 21st will be prepped and dyed after July 22nd in the order in which they are received.  We will clear out all orders as quickly as we are able, but at this time the turn around time will depend on the number of orders placed during this time.

As always we appreciate your support of Desert Vista Dyeworks, but this girl needs a vacation!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Twenty Four Years Ago!!!!!

It has been a long time since Desert Vista Dyeworks has a a site wide coupon code that everyone can use. Last year you helped me celebrate my birthday in July, but we are not going to wait until then to share some DVD love!

Join me in celebrating my oldest daughter Sarah's 24th birthday!

Beginning at midnight tonight (April 3rd) until midnight on April 4th Arizona time use the coupon code:
SARAH to receive 24% off all listings in the shop!


Please remember that all yarn is custom dyed individually and due to the nature of this sale-all orders placed on April 4th may have a delayed shipping date of more than two weeks from time of your order.

Share the love!!!!!!