Rise Up Self Striping Yarn Set

Rise Up is a Self Striping Yarn Set was created just in time for The Walking Dead Season Seven Part 2. Previews show that a group of our favorite characters are banding together to continue to survive during the Zombie Apocalypse.

 The yarn set includes one regular sized skein and three mini skeins.

All Desert Vista Dyeworks yarn are hand-dyed as they are order, so you can be assured that the yarn you receive has been dyed specifically for you. 

This colorway is available on the following bases:

Sock- 75% SW Merino 25% Nylon Approx. 462 yds. plus 3 X100 yds. mini skeins.

Sample Shown - Sock

Rise Up includes the following:

The Band is Back Together - NIne Stripe Self Striping Sock Yarn (Regular Skein)

Rick - Black

Carl - Dark Blue

Daryl - Charcoal Grey

Michonne - Lavender Rose

Maggie - Apricot Rose

Sasha - Toffee Brown

Rosita - Army Green

Enid - Cranberry Red

Tara - Cornflower Blue

Except for Carol and Morgan - Two Stripe Self Striping (Mini Skein)

Carol - Wine

Morgan - Khaki

And Eugene - Semi Solid (Mini Skein)

Eugene - Baby Blue

ZomBody Decomp - Variegated (Mini Skein)

ZomBody Decomposition

This colorway will be available throughout the upcoming season of Walking Dead.

Desert Vista Dyeworks yarn is dyed in a smoke-free, dog-friendly home with professional-grade acid dyes. This yarn is well rinsed but it may bleed lightly upon the first wash. Dye is colorfast and the colors wont fade.

Color accuracy varies with different technology used to view this page. We try to provide the most accurate representation of the colors.

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